West African Biosecurity Network


The biomedical waste management project in Mali aims to prevent the population from exposure and contamination by biological agents present in the waste of health care facilities and laboratories.

Fondation Mérieux, thanks to the financial support of GIZ (German cooperation) is in charge of the implementation of the project which includes three components:

  • The establishment of a network of experts on biomedical waste management and organization of a workshop;

  • Training sessions on biosafety and waste management;

  • The equipment of 4 health centers in waste management equipments

This online network is part of the establishment of a national network responsible for the management of biomedical waste and products that represent a biohazard. It is an extension of the national workshop on the prevention of contamination which took place on the 27 and 28 of August 2014 at the CICM in Bamako and aims to share knowledge and documents.

Fondation Mérieux is responsible for its organization in collaboration with the Malian Association of biosafety and biosecurity (AMABIOS)

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